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Manufacturing excellence has been the backbone of tremendous growth for AMCO’ over the past two decades. We believe the same formula for success still applies for the next lap of growth...

Company Background & Brief Introduction

AMCO Group was established 38 years ago by a group of Indian industrialist who believes that the pursuit of manufacturing excellence is the way forward. At that time, rubber was the “new gold” for South and South East Asia with both India and Thailand expanding aggressively into this new industry. Business initially focused on supplying 2 & 3 Wheeler tires, tubes & flaps for bicycles, scooter, motorbikes and Three Wheeler segments. By 2002, the Group has diversified into superior quality tires, tubes and flaps manufacturing & supplies for vehicular tyres such as for both the Light and Heavy Duty truck & bus, specialized tires for comprehensive range for Agricultural, Implement, Flotation, Grader, OTR, Skid Steer, Industrial & Agricultural tractors etc. market segments specifically for export purposes.

Currently, more than 80% of Amco Group’s products are exported worldwide to countries like Canada, Australia, Africa (Algeria, Tunisia, Djibouti, Sudan, Mali, Burkina, Central Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya etc.), USA, Taiwan, Singapore, Europe & EU Countries (Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, UK, Sweden, Belgium etc.), Middle Eastern Countries (Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Iran, Bahrain, Dubai).

Our total asset base exceeds hundreds of million and our staff strength numbers over 3,000. Our various productions & offices are strategically based at different locations across India and china. Our capacity includes even fulfilling the requirements for Bulk Volume customers, that is we have capacity to ship up to 500,000 tons, making us one of the biggest & most reliable tire supplier in South Asia.

Leading the quality charts in the tyre industry, AMCO also provides value added services to all of its worldwide valuable customers. Hard work and un-divided focus on delivering only the superior quality products has helped AMCO, gain trust of its global customers. AMCO has maintained its tradition of innovation and development to produce / supply the excellent products only. Continuing to set new benchmarks for its competitors, AMCO has become synonymous to quality.


Trust & Pride
The trust that we earn from people in the community makes us proud of our companies. Our pride in our companies encourages us to do even better in exceeding people’s highest expectations. We earn people’s trust by providing products and services that make life safer and more fun and fulfilling. That trust becomes visible to us through our interaction with customers and with all the members of the community. It makes us proud of our products, of our companies and of each other.

The crucial linkage between the trust and the pride is action. Only through concrete action we can earn the trust that becomes the basis for our pride in our company and products. Only when that pride motivates us to become even better we can continue to earn and retain the trust of the community.


Serving society with Top most Quality
We inherit the words and the spirit of our mission from our founder. His emphasis on "superior quality" means striving for excellence in technology, in products and service, and in all our activities.

The quest for excellence is a quest for every individual at every AMCO Company. So we encourage each other in the spirit of mutual respect and help one another make the most of our potential. Our commitment to quality is a worldwide commitment. We share the values of the community, including the universal desire for a sound environment and work consistently to improve the quality of life for people everywhere.

Customer Services

Experience our Direct Container Program where as a distributor or retailer, you can directly tailor your order to match your store’s optimum inventory replacement mix without having to invest in any excess inventory types. Each tire is like a donut, and we took our strategy to cut transportation cost from this fact. By filling the empty dead space in each tire with more tires of different size and diameter, we increase the rubber: air ratio thereby improving profitability. At AMCO, you can expect our customer service staff to advise you on how to optimize your container order.

This advantage is derived from our super wide range of products which include tires for truck & bus, light truck, trailer, agricultural, forklift, industrial vehicles, motorcycle, bicycle and even golf carts. With more than 200 selections, you can ensure that each container load you order is optimized for product mix ensuring lowest transport costs and highest sales potential.

Coroprate Culture
Manufacturing Process

The manufacture of tires is a complex series of processes requiring precision in petrochemical technology, heat treatment know-how as well as accurate timing. Our facilities are equipped with high technology machinery to enable the systematic production of tire batches.

Starting with Ban bury mixing, the percentages of natural rubber, synthetic rubber, carbon black, antioxidants and dozens of other ingredients are carefully monitored for optimal composition.

When made into body piles, belts, beads and other components, we have stringent checks to ensure the curing process is consistent. The result is finished tires that are precision assembled and manufactured to the specification of the design engineer.

Our systems approach also means more flexibility in manufacturing; with fast automatic tire code changes that allow simultaneous production of multiple sizes and tire types.

Research & Development

To stay ahead of the market, AMCO Limited has continuously developed specific rubber, metallurgy and heat-treatment technologies so that our products remain superior while keeping costs reasonable.

Future Initiatives

Development for more sizes for flotation agree implementation MUV segment is under process and soon wide range for about segments would we lunched after there exhaustive physical testing and inspection.

AMCO group is in the process of expending and upgrading in production facilities with latest and highly advanced technologies , aiming to completely fulfill huge volume requirement of our world wide valued customers.

AMCO steels has increased & upgrade production capacity of its existing steel rolling plant to minimum produce of 300 ton of steel per day. 

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