Our Strength

Besides gaining from the speedy shipments of reasonably priced finest quality tyres, all of our valued customers also benefit a lot from our highly professional services & some of other benefits that we usually pass on to our long associated global customers, which further is STRENGTH of AMCO' group, some of its features are as follows:

  1. As a specialist tyre exporting company, we specialize in complete range of quality automobile tyres, acting as an One Stop Shop for your all the tyres requirements. 
  2. By utilizing the latest developments, we are able to minimize overhead costs that further allows us to invest the same in enhancing the quality of our tyres - with supply and superior quality of tyres to our customers at very reasonable prices (Compared in terms of it overall life, our tyres are worth even for each penny spent), these savings are well reflected in the profits & volume of business generated of all of our global customer, who have been long associated with us.
  3. Our Accounts Department is very efficient in sending Account Statements after receiving the payments.
  4. Every time your order progresses you will be sent an email to check the current status of your order - No need to waste time & worry wondering what is happening to your order!!
  5. All of our global customers, even the ones who dealt only once with us, are automatically included in our database due to which further all of them are regularly informed on the latest / special offers relevant to one's requirements.
  6. Announcing of special schemes from time to time, offering even free samples of newly launched & developed tyre sizes for testing & promotion purposes. In addition, based on one's requirement we use to mix some promotional materials into the tires container while shipping it and, promotional materials varies from T-Shirts, Caps, Pens, Key rings etc.
  7. Regular visits are undertaken by our International Marketing Managers, to all of our global revered customers to further enhance our mutual relations, trust & confidence. 
  8. Our International Marketing Manager have strong technical backgroup which will help resolving all your problems related to tyres. 
  9. Our prime concern is our acclaimed customers satisfactions, due to which you have the benefit of receiving prompt & immediate reply for all of your queries (Rather, all the enquiries received are replied within 24 hours of the receipt of the same), saving your valuable time as we at AMCO' know the value of your time & money.
  10. We have developed & hosted a totally customer oriented / user friendly Website: www.amcoautotyres.comthat further act as a technologically advanced web based & completely user friendly environment which offers a series of conveniences for regular global tyre importers, dealers as well as tyre supplying companies involved in domestic or international sales & distribution. Providing you with complete details of Tyres Technical specifications, Tyre usages, Tyres features, Tyres Knowledge, Vehicles by Equipment (Suggested / recommended), Comprehensive list of FAQ's, Mode of Payment terms, Our Bank account for advance / payment transferring, L/C Instruction Sheet, Tyres Manufacturing Process, Our Goals, achievements & Philosophies etc., without any hard efforts, while sitting at your workplace instead of wondering / writing to us & waiting for various details, leading to saving up of your most precious time. It further can be accessed during any time of the day and from any part of the world.
  11. Being capable of fulfilling all the different comprehensive range of tyres requirements, with an advantages of above & many other rewards, you not only gain complete peace of mind while working with only one Trusted Quality Supplier (That is, dealing with AMCO' only), but also it comes with numerous other bonus in its store for you, such as keeping your mind calm, sparing you enough time that you can well utilize in expanding your business domain, than being involved all the time, dealing with different suppliers to fulfill your different requirements. 
  12. Stringent Quality controls being religiously followed, not only leads to creation of high quality tyres and greater mileages cover or higher hours usage, but also keep you in advantage of staying away from dreadfully strains of dealing with hefty claims, which otherwise is very common happening while dealing with Average or Low quality tyres, that are available at cheaper prices, may be giving huge profits instantly but within short span drenching away one's peace, money, precious time and long established reputation, drastically distressing business. 

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